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Old News: Blog O' The Week

March 2 - 8, 2009

A good blog is hard to find, but I'm fortunate to know the author of flânerie. Megan describes flânerie as "just kind of aimless exploring, which is what I do on the internet." If a keen eye for art, food and other simple pleasures is "aimless exploring", I'd like to be an aimless explorer when I grow up.

March 9 - 16, 2009

Hello Craft is more than a blog, but a great place nonetheless. With a powerhouse group of DC-area crafters and indie goddessses, Hello Craft is poised to become the where-it's-at for all things craft. Be sure to check back often, especially for information about the forthcoming Summit of Awesome!

March 17 - 26, 2009 (oops!)

While I'm relatively unfamiliar with the cuisine, I'm regularly entertained and fascinated by the [often hilarious] writing and cooking of Carol Blymire, the blogstress of Alinea At Home.

As the name would suggest, AAH is a weekly update on the trials, tribulations, joys and tastes of cooking this complex and unique set of recipes.

Please also check out Carol's previous blogging exploits at French Laundry At Home.

March 27 - April 2, 2009

My pal Julie, or Bangs, writes this blog from her hip San Francisco apart- ment, appointed with mid-century modern style on a budget. Julie's always had a keen eye for great design, at least for as long as I've known her, and so it's a wonderful treat to read her blog.

Bangs, A Beard and Ballyhoo is a great read if you're looking for design ideas and inspiration from a person with a great perspective and an affordable and accessible sense of style. Her fiance is quite handsome, too.

April 3 - April 28, 2009

BAKERY is a collaboration between artist/blogger Jaime Derringer and blogger/publisher Erin Loechner. What these fine ladies have managed to create is an accessible resource for all kinds of small business owners, with detailed information about how to start, prepare, run and successfully manage your mini-empire.

From their site: "BAKERY offers a wide variety of assistance to small businesses and independent shoppes worldwide. Whether you’re struggling with a start-up, self-promotion or navigating the waters of social media, BAKERY has the experience and knowledge to advance your work." Be sure to also check out their Etsy site for fantastically priced kits: thinkBAKERY.etsy.com.

April 29 - May 5, 2009
doe-c-doe is everything a true craft and vintage-ephemera lover needs! Curated, conducted and driven by the creative vision of Gina Bailey, doe-c-doe features crafts (as in: the making of), crafts (as in: the appreciation of), vintage decor and design, photography and even delightfully reworked downloads of modified crafty and vintage bits! She even has embroidery patterns AND embroidery inspiration...that cuckoo clock is amazing!

When I visit doe-c-doe, almost everything I see reminds me of my Nanny, who as you all know has been my crafty inspiration. I feel like doe-c-doe is just one of those diamonds in the rough, where it's tough to distinguish between the nostalgia and the fantastic eye for great design...and that's mighty fine with me! Please visit doe-c-doe's Etsy shop, too!

May 6 - 12, 2009

Womanist Musings was a gift shared with me many, many months ago by my best friend. We've always talked very candidly and often critically about anti-oppression/social justice politics, and I adapted to Womanist Musings very quickly because of Renee's (WM's editor) approach. She is unabashedly direct, which can make the brain (and ego) of a newbie social justice advocate ache, but she is also concise and abundantly clear with her topics and discussions.

QD is not just about the pursuit of domesticity through a queer lense, but a conscious deconstruction of gender and sexual orientation. Womanist Musings has provided me with more chin-scratching concepts to ponder than I realized I could ponder, and we (white, cisgendered, able-bodied folks) are blessed to have this voice of justice and anti-oppression accessible to us and forcing us to critically examine our privilege. Please take a moment to add Womanist Musings to your feed aggregator and spend some time with the archives.

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