Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Crafty Legacy!

I've been crafting since the wee age of...well...I was probably brainstorming in utero. To the outsider, my family seems relatively normal. We lived in a boring grey house, on a boring suburban street, with relatively boring neighbors and went to boring schools. I could not emphasize enough how "normal" my childhood was, despite all the not normal things that happened along the way. Despite this perceived barren landscape, I was raised to be incredibly creative. My grandmother, Nanny, was an amazing crafter and when she passed, my mother inherited thousands of skeins of yarn, cross stitch kits, miniatures to use in a variety of projects, knitting and crochet needles, patterns, fabric, ribbon, thread, and so on. It was a crafter's paradise! I only wish I had access to a lot of it now that I'm settled. We donated most of it to local schools to sustain their art programs.

Nevertheless, my mother was bred into a fantastic crafter, albe-her methodical, mathematical and organized. She makes the most beautiful papercrafts now, and throughout my childhood allowed me to lean over her shoulder while she created blankets, quilts, dresses, fun hair thingies, and even an amazing dollhouse for me. Lucky me, I tell you.

In seventh grade, my history class was asked to participate in a special project wherein we were to create something that we could sell, for less than $1, and at the end of the project the person with the most profitable idea won. It was a creativity test that I aced! I made very simple earrings and sold out immediately! This was only the beginning.

Recently, I decided to take up beading again, specifically creating earrings. I love looking at the intricate earrings available at stores, and while they are gorgeous they are ridiculously overpriced for their quality. I picked up some supplies and a started creating. Within weeks I had over 30 earrings ready to wear. The rub: I don't wear dangly earrings. I DID, however, love shopping on Etsy.

I created a name for my designs, Patch Ink Designs. The "ink" is in reference to another one of my crafting loves...handwriting and specifically stationery. I hope to combine the two and make fantastic designs to sell. I set up shop on Etsy and within days, I had sold a few pairs! Since then, I've gifted a few friends with earrings and word spread like wild-fire...and by wild-fire, I mean "their coworkers asked about them."

With word spreading about my affordable and delightful designs, I had some Moo Cards made. They are adorable! The mere mention of my craftiness at work today inspired a coworker to ask me about hosting a jewelry birthday party for her 10 year-old daughter. Talk about a fantastic opportunity!

I hope that the cards, my earrings and my simple love for craftiness continues to make me happy and also bring happiness to people in my life. That's really all it's about (and by "it" I mean the hokey pokey AND life in general).

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