Monday, August 13, 2007

Fusing the practical with the pretty!

My partner and I just moved into a brand new apartment...brand new in general and to us! The appliances are to die for! Sometimes I hug the high efficiency washer/dryer combo when he's not looking. Gorgeous and glossy hardwood floors, exposed brick in the main room and bedroom, and a sweet little urban patio out back just BEGGING for some flower pots. For the most part, things are just perfect in there.

Our landlords decided (or didn't decide...I've yet to figure out their architectural process) to leave the fuse box unpainted and uncovered. So we have a delightfully clean canvas and a big ugly, dark gray box in the middle of the wall! I decided that it would probably be best to figure out a quick fix, and as this is not in a discrete location but rather in the middle of our kitchen, I needed something practical and pretty that didn't require any sort of construction equipment.

We picked up an inexpensive bulletin board at IKEA and paired it with some cute magnetic mini file folders from Target. While not custom nor perfect, it really fits our needs, especially now that E's (my partner) work schedule is going to grow increasingly random and will require him to collect receipts for tax purposes, and our social engagements pick up as the fall (read: cooler weather) approaches.

So far, so organized!


  1. Hmm. Cool idea! I may have to try something like that in my kitchen.

  2. Thank you! I'm pretty pleased with it myself. Thank you for commenting!


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