Monday, August 13, 2007

Hello! It's me you're looking for!

After significant piddlefarting* around, I've finally taken the time to start my blog. The concept for this blog was inspired by a comment made to me a few years ago by some friends. I had taken the reigns on a weekend trip to the mountains and proceeded to coordinate the domestic needs of my queer buddies. They exclaimed:

"Meaghan! You'd be a fantastic housewife!"

So here I am, cultivating a brand new space in what I consider to be a niche market. Most of my peers are out drinking, networking, schmoozing and enjoying the fancy life. I'd much rather be at home with my partner reading my plethora of knitting, cooking and interior design magazines. I lust after things like 20gauge sterling silver beading wire and wonder when I'll be able to acquire a vintage-repro bright red toaster. I'm a third generation crafter and proud to be carrying on the family legacy.

This blog is my ode to craftdom, to planning things from holiday galas to a weekend brunch, and to keeping home with and for people whom I love. Welcome!

*piddlefarting - a Kentucky-ism stolen from a friend which means, generally, the act of doing nothing while doing a whole bunch of something yet really just doing nothing. Embrace it. It's one of them 50cent words.

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