Friday, August 31, 2007

I Craft, Therefore I'm busy...

WHOA! Sometimes I forget that Autumn is Craft Season here in the DC Metro area (or is that everywhere? I don't know!). It's easy to remember what's obvious...things like apple butter, pumpkins and apple picking...or long walks in the mountains to observe the beauty that is the mid-Atlantic in the fall (can you say COLOR INSPIRATION!?)...or even the familiar warmth of your favorite sweater on one of those days that makes your nose chilly. I mean, what isn't to love and look forward to when this seasons comes 'round?

But I forgot the craft fairs! Lordy there are some craft fairs. And now that I'm a family member in the DC Craft Mafia (not to be confused with the Sicilian mafiosos who were just arrested by Italian police, natch), the opportunities to participate in, and not just shop at, craft fairs locally are presenting themselves with a quickness!

Naturally, I expect to see all of my readers, their friends, family and long-lost cousins at the DC Craft Mafia's Holiday Craft Fair, The Unusual Suspects.

but I'd also like to see all of you come out to say hello to me at my craft fair debut next weekend! I'm going to be at a booth with a fellow mafioso, Michael Auger of Arty4Ever, selling my wares at the Adams Morgan Day celebration! The festival is Sunday September 9th, from noon to 7pm. Not sure yet about my booth location and the other particulars, but you'll be the first to know!

More information about the day can be found at the Adams Morgan Day website.

Oh, and Happy Friday!


  1. Ahh, you need to post here more, I love this Blog darling!

  2. Hellloooo!
    How can I get the "Usual Suspects" graffic to add to my blog as well?
    I really excited for the show!


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