Monday, August 13, 2007

Pull over! Now!

The chaos that is the Washington DC Metro Transit Authority has yet to inspire E and me with any sort of regularity. Thusly, we've driven to work most days since the move. Between running to our tiny storage unit, grocery shopping and just waking up a few minutes too late, we've found it to be a very needed and temporary fix.

E took a slightly different route this morning which left us meandering through an older, established neighborhood in Northern Virginia. I spotted a delightful old dresser hanging out curbside in front of a house, and then spotted the glass drawer pulls that made fancy a rather boring piece of furniture. I expressed sadness over not having antique glass drawer pulls of my own, so E whipped the car around and pulled to the curb. I bounded out of the car and began to unscrew the knobs. Some would just not budge and the dresser wasn't in a condition that warranted heaving the whole thing into the back of the car, so we managed to unscrew five big knobs and two small. Delightful indeed!

I'm planning on finding either some old rescued wood in the back of an antique shop or perhaps beating up some new wood to give it that rustic look, and creating a wall-mounted coat rack with my adorable new drawer pulls. Regardless of what I create, I started my Monday morning off delightfully excited!

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