Thursday, December 6, 2007

In Yer Lunchbox!

I know it probably seemed like I approached the entire Obsession du Cupcake with a little bit of sass and sour. For this I am sorry.

To make it up to you, I offer one of the few Cupcake Contraptions that DOES have my heart. These little thingamajiggers are called/by Cupacake. Brilliant! An individual container for all of your cupcakes!

So they say: "This unique container will hold a frosted cupcake in place with protrusions positioned in such a way that the cupcake will not move within the container if jiggled or turned upside down." Well, it's about time!

The only thing that would make these little things better is if my BFF Angela* made the cupcakes for me and moved into my place so she could put a delectable nugget in my lunchbox every morning.

* Angela is obsessed with the cupcakes. She suggested that I write to Wilton about the Crocs wearing silicone cupcake SillyFeet things. Lord.

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