Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Christmas Wishlist (thus far...and I know it's full of wishes).

Dear Santa,

I've been a pretty decent kid this year. I realize you're a busy guy, and I'm kind of on the older end of the "kid" spectrum, but my Mom told me that it never hurt to ask. So, here's my Christmas Wishlist. It's simple and filled mostly with little things that'll make me happy. If anything, this post will be fun to look back on now and again.

1. To decorate my crafting desk area, I'd really like this print. Not only is it quirky and weird, but the woman who creates these craft uses found items...which is, my dear Santa, my favorite way to craft. This is by seller Artsy on Etsy and is available here for only $14.

2. Next are these earrings from kpglassjewelry1 at Etsy. Her stuff is GAWGEOUS! It's really simple, clean modern stuff that suits my simple, clean, modern earring preference (believe it or not, I don't wear most of the stuff I make!). She inserts the cherry red lampworked glass beads onto the sterling silver posts. And they're squares! I love squares. Available here for $28. She has them in lots of other colors, but I'm most fond of the red (natch).

3. Q Hoops by maryandjane at Etsy. I have her @ earrings and I love them. I figure these would be a suitable addition to the family. They're available here for $16.

4. Any of MissHawklet's yarn on Etsy. I just want all of it, basically.

5. Any of craftpudding on Etsy's handcarved stamps, especially those pictured below.

6. One of uglykitty on Etsy's handmade Address File Boxes! Currently they're available for pre-order, but I don't mind waiting! These things are fab! Available here for $65.

7. A gift card to Paper Source, because I really can't decide what I want!

Thanks Santa. :-)


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