Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sometimes I make lists.

I kept a more personal journal over yonder (er, that would be at LiveJournal) and my posts during excessively busy times were often in the form of lists. Much like my own day to day life, I make and keep lists to remember things. If I carried a wall large enough (and portable enough!) to just have a smattering of Post It Notes, I'd do that instead. But alas, a neatly folded list shoved into my back pocket is much more convenient.

That being said, my lack of posting should be evidence enough that I'm busy. And when I'm busy, I do what? I make lists! So here is a list of ideas I have for this here blog, as well as things I've been pondering. Enjoy.
  1. I moved into a shared-lease space with my beloved a few months ago. With that came mountains of stuff from both of our lives, previously lived separately. And with all of that came two distinctly different styles...both for personal living, day-to-day, and also of the interior decorating variety. We're working hard to be collaborative and compassionate, but I have to admit it's difficult! I'm definitely interested in how other folks do it. So tell me...if you read my blog and currently live with a beloved (or hell, even just a roommate), what are your tips for compromising equitably but cohesively? Or do you just allow the Red Sox memorabilia to rest comfortable on the wall above your great-grandmother's telephone table and chair?
  2. I think one of the fundamental and essential parts of being a good hostess, a good homemaker and a good person is GOOD MANNERS. As I grow into adulthood (even further) I realize that many people weren't provided with the same set of manners I had access to as a kid. Most of my politeness stems from the steady threat my Mom would make whenever my behavior was questionable...What would your Aunt Ann think about that? So I'm wondering if a simple set of "Manners To Live By" for my generation would be in order. I'm making a list (natch) of what I'd like to see in that set, and I'm asking you all to contribute as well! Get on it!
  3. I have access to 12 new, vintage-inspired spice jars and I'm pondering what I could do with them. Then it occurred to me, quite miraculously, that everything has the potential of being packaging for a myriad of things, not just the expected. I decided that I would make a list of the best kind of herbs and spices, then I would create necklaces, pendants or earrings inspired by said herbs and spices, and then package them neatly in their matching spice jars! To top it all off, a friend of mine who is a thrift-a-holic (Holly over at MissHawklet) has a set of TRULY vintage spice jars available (not to mention the prettiest yarn you ever did see!). I feel a craftin' comin' on!
  4. I know I've missed three Recipe Tuesdays in a row! Shameful! I will compile my recipes tonight and post a triple-threat Recipe Thursday as penance for my postless ways.
And now, my list of things I'm looking forward to:
  • AUTUMN - My favorite season. Anticipate an inordinate amount of pictures featuring the colors orange, red and brown! I love pumpkins. I love apples! And I love trees with changing leaves! My friend Matt over at MattBites made a stunning tribute to my favorite fruit the other day! Delicious!
  • CHRISTMAS - My favorite holiday. Cookies, candy, carols, ornaments, gifts and good tidings. I realize that my politics are not necessarily in line with such a consumeristic event, but I have to admit that Christmas does give me warm-fuzzies.
Finally, this past weekend I had the great pleasure of accompanying a friend to Lexington, VA for the Virginia Quarter Horse Association's big sale and competition. Saturday was a gorgeous day, indeed.

I'll finish this post off with an homage to my favorite kitchen accessories. Friends, meet Salty and Peppy.
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