Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You. Better. Work. SUPERMODEL!

I have a new look! Courtesy of my new friend Leslie over at This And That, I have a brand new look to my Etsy shop! I will also have new merchandise cards featuring my new logo AND little buttons with my logo to pass out at fairs or throw in a purchase as swag (which I might add is one of the weirdest crafting lingo words I've ever heard).

Check it out!

Naturally, I have also updated my shop! I've added a few of my new knitted designs, as well as 22 new pairs of earrings! Please check that out too, folks:

Buy Handmade

Monday, October 29, 2007

SATURDAY - DC Craft Mafia Hosts UNusual Suspects Arts & Crafts Show!

Hey Folks!

The DC Craft Mafia, of which I am a member, is hosting their first arts & craft festival THIS SATURDAY, November 3rd, in Bethesda, MD at the Anastasi Room. We'll have 50+ amazing vendors, free admission, and door prize raffles that will benefit the Washington Humane Society.

For more details, visit: The DC Craft Mafia's Website and click on Events!

Please come and check us out!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Buy Handmade!

Naturally, you would assume that I'm only a proponent of this because I have my own handmade shop. NOT (entirely) TRUE! You see, handmade has been important to me since I was a wee girl, watching my mother and grandmother stitch away, sew, crochet, knit or even create silly little dioramas in blown out egg shells that had been lacquered up with festive paint.

Handmade is in my blood!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

I think you should all think about jumping on the bandwagon this "Holiday Season". Go to a local craft fair and buy those stocking stuffers that you usually leave until the last minute and buy at Target (to the detriment of small children in China, no doubt). Buy your parents a lovely something-or-other from a local artisan. Or shop on! It's really easy to do!

Here's why thinks you should buy handmade, this year and always: Buying handmade is better for people, better for the environment, and better for giving truly special and well-crafted gifts. The ascendancy of chain store culture and global manufacturing has left us all dressing, furnishing, and decorating alike. The connection between producer and consumer has been lost. Buying handmade helps them reconnect.

We encourage all consumers to be aware of the social and environmental implications of their purchases.

Below is a list of resources that can get you started in the right direction: Co-op America is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1982. Their mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. A Network For Local action against Sweatshops The Institute For Local Self-Reliance. The Institute’s mission is to provide the conceptual framework, strategies and information to aid the creation of ecologically sound and economically equitable communities. : See what Walmart is up to in your community

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Never In My House, Vol. 1

A new series wherein I will post pictures and links to some of the wackiest stuff I find on Etsy. And believe me, it's not like I go digging for it.


From Dink70's Etsy shop: "This cute AirFreshner Doll fits the Renuzit air freshener underneath dress and is perfect for brightening up any office or room."
(Perfect for brightening up any office or room? Seriously, enough with the glue.)

Available @ Etsy

From BeeLuckyLady's Etsy shop: A solution to dress up your dish soap bottle!
(I didn't realize my dish soap bottle needed dressing up. I mean, she didn't even make the damn bottle a shirt or pants! Apple coated scandal!)
Available @ Etsy

From KinkyCrochet's Etsy Shop: "These pillows make great gifts for that person that has everything. They are also great for resting your neck on."
(Does my chiropractor approve? She should consider working out a deal with Brookstone, no?)

Available @ Etsy

Friday, October 5, 2007


The scarf project below is finished, save for a lovely brooch or some delightful pin I make. I'll post pictures when that's finished.

For now, I'm working on a scarf for my sweetie. It's a soft, thick yarn I picked up at Michael's last year. I can't remember the name brand, but I have to get another skein so I'll update as soon as I can. It's a wide, handsome scarf indeed.

Next up, something with MissHawklet's teal and green superwash. I'm seriously so excited about all 192 yards of this!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Current Project!

In order to keep myself motivated, in the same manner that GoodReads has done with my book reading, I'm going to post pictures of my latest project's evolution here.

Right now, I'm working on a simple knitted scarf for my Etsy shop with yarn so beautifully spun by my friend Holly at MissHawklet.

It started off like this:

And is currently looking like this:
(please pardon the crappy camera phone picture!)

I'm thinking of making it one of those micro-scarves, wherein it stays put with a fun vintage brooch (or something made by me!) instead of wrapping it around your head 80 times.

Here I go a-huntin'!

Indie Businesses ROCK, hon!

I had the great fortune of helping two of my bestest friends with their soon-to-open-store's table at the Greater Lauraville Fair (in Baltimore, MD). While I only sold three pairs of my non-candy themed earrings (and none of the candy themed!), I was able to soak up the wonder and amazement that is indie business owning. It restored my faith in my dream of one day owning a store of my own. While my original dream specifically focused on bookselling and coffee, I think I'm either transitioning away from or to include something crafty. I think crafts are an amazing part of the American landscape, and I don't mean that in a flag-wavin', down-home kind of way. It's just an important part of our heritage that we should preserve (instead of guns, violence and things of that nature). So I do my part and I hope that one day I can inspire the rest of the world to do their own.

So here are a few pictures from the fair!

The rest of the pictures can be found in my Rock Candy Flickr Album.
If you're a Baltimorean and want to keep updated on the status of the store, check out Rock Candy Baltimore's Website!
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