Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Changing the curtains.

I woke up Monday morning and looked at my apartment, with the Christmas tree still up, papers and magazines strewn everywhere, and a mountain of laundry that would truly test the power of a 4-wheel drive vehicle. And I thought to myself…

SELF, why the hell do you think you’re a domestic goddess
worthy of this little corner of the blog world?

Here’s the thing folks…I don’t actually consider myself domestically gifted nor do I think I’ve cornered the market on this whole “queer and housewifely” thing. And I don’t really want to do that either. I want to be able to ENJOY domestic things, and not just a Saturday cleaning ritual or my [bordering on neurotic] obsession with laundry. I want to talk about why I love these things, too. My appreciation for all things domestic is not rooted in a ridiculously wacky childhood. My mother was a skilled domestic engineer AND she managed to work 40+ hours a week (not including ridiculous commute times).

I want to talk about why I took a huge detour on the road of life just to get here, to a place where I can actually enjoy things like aprons and dishpan hands. Because the feminist in me screams (sometimes) when I think about how stereotypical some of my life happens to be. Also, there’s a whole lot that happens within the walls of my apartment that is domestic but not related to the keeping of a home that I want to get off my chest too. On top of that, there are things that happen in the homes of other people that are worth discussing. The possibilities are seriously unlimited.

So I’m not a freaking goddess, ok?
(Not that any of you were pressuring me to be one, or prove I was one.)

I decided to update the look of my blog, just a bit. No longer am I the Gay Housewife™, but I am charged with the task of Queering Domesticity. Because I have that long, sordid, feminist past with all things stereotypically feminine, I’ll probably wax philosophic about my relationship with queer people and my own queer identity, because it plays a significant role in my homelife. I mean, it's clear to me that the world is clearly in need of my two cents. Finally, I’ll continue to keep you updated on my craft stuff, as it is of fantastic importance to me, and I will also commit to posting pictures more often (of just about everything).

Please stick with me, folks. Things will get better and they will sure as hell get more queer*! There’s a lot of fantastic thinking that goes on in my cavernous skull, and you haven’t heard the last of it!

* more queer? Funny word, ain't it? When I was in 7th grade English, Mrs. McCunney put me in detention because I called John Abruzzino queer. In many ways, I consider this my root. Not only was I using the word queer in a completely literal sense (in his case, he was a wacky asshat), but she was one of the most accepting and hip women on the planet [in my world at the time] and she was right to give me an extra hour after school that day to think about the lovely flower I would one day blossom into. A queer hyper-literal flower, that is.

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