Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Clorox - Going green?

Clorox is kind of synonymous with bleach, right? Well, they seem to want to expand on the image that has brought them millions of dollars by adding a whole new line of products that won't inspire you to fumigate your home or burn a hole through your favorite sweatshirt.

Meet the GreenWorks line. They discuss briefly what "all natural" means to them, which is both interesting and honest:
To create Green Works™ natural cleaners we set ourselves a very stringent standard. The ingredients must come from renewable resources, be biodegradable and free of petrochemicals. Green Works™ cleaners are at least 99% natural. In certain cases we had to use synthetic ingredients, like the preservative and green colorant. But we're working hard to develop natural alternatives so the entire line can be 100% natural.
We'll see how these hold up on the countertops of real people. I've been generally disappointed with all-natural cleansers, mostly because I like the smell of hard cleansers* and because I feel like they do a consistently poor job of cleaning (ex. Seventh Generation is a joke and a waste of money). If you've used these, share your experience.

Originally found at Apartment Therapy - Chicago.
* By saying I enjoy the smell of hard cleaners, I do not mean that I enjoy sniffing substances for a mediocre high. Gosh. My father worked for an industrial supply company my entire life, so I never used a mainstream cleaner until I was 19-20 years old. So I'm used to the fumes and I like 'em, got it?!


  1. i need noxious shit to clean my house, in most cases, as well. the exception is my wood floor routine (dust mop, followed by a different head on the dust mop which gets sprayed with a water/ammonia solution, followed by soft head back on, which gets sprayed with goddard's cabinet makers wax. crazy? yes. but i only do it every couple of months, and my floors are fucking gorgeous).

    in school, we had to use vinegar/water and newspapers to clean all glass, and it did work really well, though.

  2. I think I read somewhere that their purchase Burt's Bees was related to their new greener trend.

    I try to keep my house cleaners as natural as possible due to the cats. Once in a while I reach for the clorox bleach spray surface cleaner though... it takes me over a year to go through a bottle.


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