Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kn-kn-knittin' in the round

With the exception of the first few rows of a garter stitch, and a quick tutorial on casting/binding on, I've taught myself how to knit. Due to the high concentration of crafty in my blood, I feel that I'm equipped to self-teach many skills related to yarn and needle. So on Saturday, after 20 minutes or so of perusing e-guides and patterns, I set out on a quest to knit in the round.

It wasn't long before I was in a rhythm. Circling around, row after row, was so simple! I double checked a particular pattern to read about decreases, and then set out to close the top of my hat. I remembered when the yarn became a little snug that I would need to augment my circular needles with a set of double-pointed needles, which I didn't have. So right now I have this cute little "orchid" colored hat, all ready to finish. I'll get some DPNs soon and finish it up. I think I'm going to embellish it with a knitted patch in a complementary color, stitch it on in a cartoon-y fashion, and give it to my honorary goddaughter to keep her little head warm in this blustery cold mid-Atlantic weather.

What's next? Golf club headcovers for my Dad. He e-mailed me recently with just a link to golf headcovers sold online, and I was very puzzled. He followed it up with a few more e-mails about his preferences and the deal was set...he's my first DPN knitting project! And by the way, who knew that this man, my father, who loves nothing more than golf, food and napping would exclaim (via e-mail):

Hi Hon,

My golf bag is predominantly orange with black accents. I think I would like headcovers that are predominantly black with orange accents. By the way, knitting is my life.

That Old Knitting Fool,

Man, this world is one wacky place.

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  1. Go you! Love the color and the new website slogan :)


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