Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things I Want to Do: In the next few months...

...I want to:

NOTE: If you click on the image, it will link you to the tutorial. If you click on the description link, it will simply direct you to the blog/website.

1. Make some of my own rubber stamps. Here are some great tutorials.

Cut Out + Keep has this fantastic picture-based tutorial so you can learn how to "create rubber stamps on any budget, inspired by any image or pattern you like". Nice!

Alma Stoller has a great tutorial too!

2. Make one of these hip Martha Stewart macrame-ish scarves!

I first read about this in her magazine, but was so glad to hear there was an e-tutorial. Apparently the yarn of choice is Twinkle by Classic Elite.

3. Have my Mom help me sew a rice heat therapy bag, for the neck, back and uterus aches. One for me, one for her!

Sew, Mama, Sew! has a fantastic step-by-step tutorial and the fabric choice is an absolute inspiration. If I can get a sewing machine in time for the holidays next year, everyone I know will get one of these suckers!

4. Make some super hip Shrinky Dink plastic things...pendants, keychains, zipper pulls!

How About Orange has a delightfully easy tutorial AND fantastically cute inspiration for my project, donchathink!?

5. Screenprint something!

LimonVerde has an excellent tutorial, complete with permission to snack during the drying process! I vote YES.

The Craftzine blog also has a PDFCast tutorial worth checking out.

6. Make some fun little notebooks with my screenprinted paper.

Design*Sponge provides a fantastic tutorial. The paper possibilities are endless, especially considering there are now multiple aisles of scrapbooking paper at crafts stores AND fancy paper stores are also chock full of gorgeous imported and vintage-esque gift-wrapping paper and individual sheets. Ooh la la!

This should keep me busy until AT LEAST May or June, I think. Mmm, crafty!


  1. I want to make that scarf so bad! I saw it in Living a month or two ago and it looks like something I could actually accomplish.

  2. kdiddy - I know. I made an old-fashioned photocopy of the magazine and put it in my crafting area. When I have money, I'm so getting Twinkle yarn and knotting that shit up.

  3. shayne - I can? Does that mean I can play with Barry's fwips too?


  4. I used to love Shrinky Dinks. Then, again, I used to hang out at the oven and sniff the melting plastic. I'll try not to do that now that I'm a grown-up. I'll try.


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