Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wine + Fruit = Gay

It might come as a surprise to my readership, but I listen to The Jack Diamond Morning Show on MIX 107.3FM with great regularity. I used to think him an old tool, in my younger days, when I was smart enough to avoid the misogynistic cesspool known at WHFS 99.1 and kept my radio locked to DC101.1. But now, I guess I'm an old lady because I like him. Anyway, not the point.

The point is: This morning Jack reported that Sangria* (and all beverages made with beer/wine + spirits) are illegal to sell in restaurants/bars in the state of Virginia. AND, La Tasca in Old Town Alexandria was cited recently for selling SANGRIA, and the alcohol beverage control officer used this 75 year old bit of brilliant legislation as the reason.


I was thoroughly shocked to hear this news, as Sangria was on my list of Booze to Love. And when Jack clarified that this law actually applied to all beverages that are a combination of beer/wine and spirits, I was deeply concerned for Virginia. Sure, I can make it at home (using Bobby Flay's delectable recipe, perhaps?), but I want to be able to enjoy my Sangria anywhere [minus putting it in a sippy cup and going to the mall or something]. I suppose that Virginia realized they were shooting themselves in their own foot, because the Sangria legislation is up for reconsideration today in a VA House subcommittee. I certainly hope that the framing of this bill, which seems to be for Sangria only, will not be met with down-home racism in our State's capital. Wouldn't that be just freakin' dandy?

Finally, I'm concerned for the well-fair of other drinks. There was some debate inside our Subaru Forrester this morning about whether Baileys counts as a spirit or a liquer, but I think that the general population would agree that if you pull Sangria and our [much beloved] Irish Car Bombs off the tables and bars in good ol' Old Dominion, there will be some serious hell to pay. You know, once we scrape ourselves off the floor after retaliating with Patron and Jameson's.

What is happening to the world?

* Sangria = a wine punch typically from Spain and Portugal. Don't let Americans make their own Sangria, however, and sell it in a TexMex restaurant. I was once faced with the horror of red wine mixed with Hawaiian Punch. Uh, how 'bout NO?

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