Thursday, February 7, 2008

AND it has a shovel!

Dear Cupid (or the person responsible for buying me Valentine's Day presents),

When I was a kid, I wanted this desperately. I never got one, so whenever my friends were allowed to pull their's out of the cupboard, I cheered and squealed and freaked-the-hell-out. To this day, there is nothing more delightful to me than a snow cone on a hot and humid day. It's not hot and humid right now, necessarily, but I want to be prepared DAMMIT!

Buy it here, if you love me: Perpetual Kid

Love, smooches and things,

Meaghan the 5 year-old


  1. I craved snow cones when I was pregnant, but you couldn't just go to Target and buy an ice shaver like you can now. So Jonathan was a good sport and would shave ice cube after ice cube on the Snoopy Sno-cone Machine. Yum!

  2. hahahahaha!! My sister had one of those.


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