Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bo(a)r(e)d Games - This is funny...only to me.

BOARD GAMES are fantastic, are they not? They not only fill an evening with fun and suspense, but they're great for your brain AND they facilitate communication. Board games are also a great way to teach kids about rules, sharing and playing with others. I would not be overstating things, either, if I said they were good for adults in the very same way.

I order books for a living, which has me wandering to various bookselling and publisher websites on a daily basis. Today I stumbled into Barnes & Noble (note that there is not an S at the end of about striking a nerve!).com and discover that [an assortment of, but not all] board games are 50% right now! What a deal! It made me think about how much I enjoy board games and which games are my particular favorites.

Here are a few:

Scrabble! I know so many brilliant people who play Scrabble on a regular basis. So it only seems logical to me that everyone should play Scrabble in order to be more...well...BRILLIANT.

This is also a great game for young kids, even still hesitant about reading, because they can play with phonetics and letter sequence and also expand their reading skills beyond those of sight-memorization.

OH, and the Deluxe Edition is on sale! Sweet!

Go vintage with this 1935 remake of the original Monopoly. My brother and I attempted to play, and finish, this game many many MANY times. We failed miserably but it was always fun to make money and buy houses.

Does anyone remember when Pictionary was actually a game show? Like on TV? And there were tons of B-list stars? God, I loved that.

Get your draw on with this ridiculous game. It might not inspire you to take a class at the local rec center in watercolors, but at least you'll give the right side of your brain a workout.

There aren't many opportunities nowadays for kids to actually learn the different parts of speech and what they do. I learned from a nun wielding a ruler, so I can't help but remember.

Apples to Apples is a fantasticly fun game with innumerable possibilities for play. Play it straight and giggle like you wouldn't believe! Or play it "gay", as it were, and reveal some ridiculous perversions in the minds of your nearest and dearest.

Scattergories was one of those games that my big, competitive extended family played every year at Christmas. My most distinct memories involve my bossy, loud cousin screaming at everyone for their illogical word choice, and then when she lost, she'd pout and whine for HOURS. Oh, she was also 25+ years old when this happened.

Nevertheless! This game is one of my all-time faves.

Other fun games? Don't Break the Ice. Clue. Rummikub. And Sorry!

Put the tv remote down, turn off the Wii and play a real game with your family this weekend!

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  1. My family loves Scattegories, too! And my sister and I always loved PayDay.


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