Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rock Candy Baltimore...it's where you need to be.

Rock Candy, situated on Harford Road in the Lauraville neighborhood of Baltimore, MD opened this weekend to rave reviews...from both kids and adults. The store was stocked with gourmet chocolates, more gummi candy than I could possibly consume alone, novelty gifts and even eco-friendly delicacies!

I have the great fortune of being the BFF and best Bucko to the owners of this fantastic shop, Angela and Joel. And I decided to cart my ass up there this past weekend to help out with the finer details of opening. I helped merchandise the store, helped with tidying up and displays, and did a ton of fun "child wrangling" with The Ruby. It was a fantastic time. And I did all of this, mind you, while nursing a fierce display of hives from my new-found cat allergy. Delicious!

I could go into vast explicit details about the experience, but I think that a few pictures will speak to the greatness that is this place. It's got a fine candy room at the front of the store, a concession and playroom in the middle and then a 20-seat movie theater in the back (soon to be available for bookings and karaoke nights [*prays*]). The store basically has everything you could possibly need, including three of the most fantastic people on the planet...and people who I consider part of the foundation of My Big Family.

Mmmmm! Samples!

The lollipop topiary I created. So cute!!!

The "activist" tower...full of organic, free trade yumminess!

My stuff! Sugar High candy themed jewelry creations by me!

Angela, busy working.

The Pixy Stix bucket lamp...so awesome.

Bulk candy! Full of gummies and delectable chocolate things.

The Vosges tower...all things fancy.

And the very few life-necessities that this place lacks can be found on the same street. Bediboo, a kids and mama boutique, is situated right below Rock Candy. Stroll down the streets a few steps and you have Red Canoe coffee shop and children's bookstore (with delectable muffins, soups and sandwiches...AND the ever delicious Zeke's coffee), and Spinster Yarns & Fibers right below them. I may have to cheat on my own in-city yarn shop to spend all my money at Spinster (I will never break up with Holly, though, of MissHawklet). Not only is the owner quite delightful, but her yarns, fibers and supplies are gorgeous, well priced and there are workshops and lessons on the schedule! There is also a bevy of hair salons, a restaurant that is apparently delightful (although I've never been...take me on a date, someone!) and some other decent food joints. Lauraville, is that you calling my name?

Lest I forget, it should be said that I've also accepted the great honor of being Angela's Confirmation sponsor. Who knew that this cycle of debauchery, wackiness and rebellion would bring me to a place where I'm not only comfortable being hip and contrary, but also capable of accepting something (um, that would be God) that I so fiercely railed against as a teen. Go me.


  1. Hey, I saw you there! It is a killer place, for sure- everyone should go. I love my city.


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