Friday, March 21, 2008


I can say with most fervent certainty that I don't really care about Easter. Ok, yes, as someone who is re-exploring her Catholicism and also serving as her BFF's confirmation sponsor on Easter Eve, you would think that I would be in the throes of celebrating our Lord's accession into the himmelsphere. But I don't really care. I don't really look back on Easter time with fond or negative memories, really. Recalling that I was a bit of a girly girl makes me think that I enjoyed the dresses and hats and things. I feel comfortable saying I even enjoyed Easter egg hunts and I know for certain that I enjoyed jelly beans. My grandfather taught me at a young age to snatch up all the black jelly beans because they were the best. And they are. Without a frickin' doubt. And I still look forward to the "Easter season" as an adult, for the most part, because it means that Cadbury Mini Eggs will be available. YUM.

But my connection to Jesus and all that Christian mysticism is really lacking, so sometimes I forget about Easter all together, or sometimes I ignore it, or sometimes I protest it. Either way, I don't really ever enjoy Easter in the spirit it was intended...candy-fest or otherwise.

Until today.

Behold the delectable joy of the Bunny Cake!

Happy Easter, folks. :-)


  1. Cadbury Mini Eggs are the best things ever!!!!!!

  2. Bunny cake is awesome! Happy Easter!


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