Saturday, March 15, 2008


Attention please!

Have you ever been alone or with other folks and pondered some seriously wacky questions? The kind of stuff that would raise a quizzical brow were you not in the company of people who truly love and tolerate your tomfoolery.  Questions like:
  • Why is blue cheese so gross? (this may be an experience exclusive to me)
  • How do birds fly but not penguins?
  • Why is gummi candy so freakin' delicious?
  • How do I get my boyfriend to stop drooling on my pillow?
All of these questions and more can now be answered! My best Bucko and I have started a Q&A blog over at:

Please check it out and e-mail us with your questions:

Love and [dis]order,
The Gay Housewife

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