Monday, March 24, 2008

I don't Gocco, so back off!

Gocco is this ridiculous craze of which I long to be a part. But I just can't seem to manage justifying the purchase quite yet, mostly because I hear it's addictive and expensive once you start hoarding [err, I mean accumulating] supplies. So instead I give you a fun assortment of Gocco'd greeting cards, prints and other things available on Etsy and elsewhere.

I'm hoping that this whole "sharing is caring" thing will pay off, and one of ma betches will buy me a Gocco printer for my birthday (which is, incidentally, August 4th). *hands you a datebook*

We'll start with my favorite, from a dear GENIUS friend of mine (click the images for direct links to the products!).

Congratulations on Your New Vibrator card - $4 at

Epic Do Gocco Print - $15 at ArgyleWhale

Ride On... Card - $2.50 at twoguitars

Studly Man Moustache Card - $3.25 at Squeedles

Marshmallow on Fire card - $3.50 at amyb13

Magic Jellies card - $4.50 at magicjelly

Libraries Make Me... 5 cards/pockets set - $7 at papermenagerie

So GO FORTH and [buy me a] Gocco!


  1. I want one too! Maybe Shayne could buy you one for your birthday & me one for my birthday!

  2. Thanks very much for featuring my "Epic Do" print!

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