Sunday, March 9, 2008

I told you I made earrings.

Here are some new ideas coming from my creative self...and soon into my Shop! I'm kind of obsessed with vintage glass, especially colors that are reminiscent of "milk glass" with that opaque, creamy quality. I've also developed a penchant for funky BIG vintage plastic/acrylic/lucite beads (specifically those featured in Torpedo). I don't really know how jewelry designers go about developing designs for "seasons" or new lines. I tend to sit at my little crafting station, pull out beads that I think look good together and work with wire and other materials (in this case, delicate sterling chain) to make something I enjoy. And honestly, that's why I do it.

Strand earrings.

Dewberry earrings.

Derby earrings.

Corioli earrings.

Torpedo earrings.

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