Saturday, March 8, 2008

Just call me Ginger Nash, of 12th St. NE

My BFF is obsessed with Niecy Nash, host of Style Network's Clean House.

** Please excuse this interruption: OMG. Don't Google Niecy Nash at work, because the first three pictures that come up feature some images of her bare ass...and as delectable as it may be, your boss might get the wrong idea. Now back to the news. **

So sometimes I like to pretend I'm on a show like Clean House, or Clean Sweep, or any of the other myriad of shows dedicated to organizing the lives of everyday people. I wouldn't go so far as to say my organizational tips can do any more than make your mind a little less frazzled, by the way. The suggestion that you can organize yourself out of fatness is a ludicrous to me, as are the suggestions that it will immediately make you less of a pack rat/hoarder (which requires some serious psychotherapy, to be frank). But I do, now and then, dabble in the very humble art of organization. And I do it well, I've been told.

During these times, when I most closely resemble a whirling dervish, I call myself Ginger Nash and I get shit done. Today I woke up with boundless energy and began by pulling every article of clothing out of my room that needed to be washed, began laundry, made myself breakfast and some tea, organized my bead stash for about two hours into color groups (yum!), cleaned up my nightstand (read: asthma and hive meds up the wazoo), my craft storage area, continued doing laundry, and then reorganized E's side of the room to accommodate clothing and other things that had sort of dribbled out of the closet and into something more closely resembling Mt. Rushmore. I'm not judging you, honey! Just using this as an example. *muah*

Then I was able to hang two pictures I'd been longing to hang, stored scarves and hats because it doesn't really feel like winter anymore, sorted through more clothes for donations (at this point in time, we have a combined total of 11 bags ready for donation! Yay!), took care of the newly sniffly and not-great feeling E and then sat down to make a few pair of earrings. Pictures tomorrow, when the sun is claiming to be more consistent. All in all, a very productive day and a day that made me feel absolutely fantastic.

I realized, when considering my great day at what is now the end of it, that many folks have suggested that I should go into personal organizing...that I should start up some home business and meet customers and provide consultations and suggestions for organization, or even just do it myself. That sounds fantastic, but just like my crafting, I'm a little too homegrown and organic for something like that. I have this feeling that people will want me to bring in shelving units and that awful wire-basketry from IKEA and closet organizers and folders and buckets and so on. And while that would be fun, in a way, I can't say that's what I why preach it?

If you walk in my bedroom right now, you'll find an old sturdy IKEA shelve holding my open-to-full-view neatly folded piles of clothing, my shoes haphazardly thrown in a basket, a generic white laundry basket on the floor, mismatched furniture, and a too-small closet that has not been renovated to accommodate more. And I'm totally ok with that. It feels like home, it feels comfortable and it's functional. Sure, we could get wardrobes or shelves to hide it all or make it more visually appealing, but that's a lot of money wasted. The bedroom is neat and tidy. Period.

After considering this for a while, and talking to my BFF after overhauling her closet a few weeks ago, I've decided that if you've got a lot of random stuff in your house like a dresser, a pole, some string, a basket and maybe a few milk crates...I can organize your crap like a professional. Anything more than that, I just can't get behind. I also feel that this is the responsible way to organize. Yes, it doesn't always look cohesive or perfect, but you're using by reusing and finding inexpensive or even free alternatives to the mainstream dilemma: If I can't conceive of how to fix it right now, I'll just go out and BUY a solution.

So I suggest you sit in front of your closet one day, consider how it's working for you, pull out some random supplies and get creative. If you need help, call me and I'll sit there with you. And we can all jump on my bandwagon of using the DIY Use What You've Got MacGyver Technique to keeping our homes, and minds, organized.

Signing off,
Ginger Nash


  1. What's all this about Niecy Nash's bare ass???!!!!

  2. Too bad you have that awful allergy to cats thing happening... I could use a kick in the ass and assistance with the organization!


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