Saturday, March 15, 2008

Random Tip of the Day

My Bucko shared a blog feed with me today about cleaning baseboards and I remembered this fantastic tip I discovered a few weeks ago!

My mother was neurotic about making sure every inch of a space was clean, and her litmus test for quality cleaning was the baseboards.  So now, in true pass-on-the-crazy fashion, I notice baseboards when I'm in the process of cleaning my place.

The trick, and a great way to reuse and recycle: DRYER SHEETS

Take an empty tissue box and stuff your dryer sheets into it when they come out of the dryer after a load of wash.  When you need to dust a baseboard, simply grab a dryer sheet and sweep it along!  The dust adheres to the static cling element contained within most dryer sheets, and because they've been "dried", the sheets are a little softer.  Couple that with the delicious scent of dryer sheets, my odor of choice, and you've got a simple, FREE cleaning solution.  You can even use them to dust most tables, televisions, and other things that collect dust in your home.

Off to candy selling, y'all.  If you're in the DC/Baltimore area, I suggest you high-tail it to Rock Candy on Harford Road for their grand opening, block party celebration.

Love and cleanliness,
The Gay Housewife


  1. But then what do you use to clean all of the lint and cat hair out of the dryer?

  2. Ok, you have a point here. More often than not, I do what lots of folks think to be gross. I dampen the tips of my fingers (by licking, natch) and clean off the lint trap. I save the dryer sheet and CLEAN MY BASEBOARDS.




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