Friday, March 7, 2008

Thing you should know.

1. Your bar isn't fully stocked unless it has a few cans of R.W. Knudsen's Cranberry Spritzer on the shelf. Damn. This stuff would be The Deliciousness with vodka. I love things that spritz.

2. Fevers of 100.8+ are seriously righteous. While I cannot remember a single thing about Wednesday, I can tell you that internally boiling does bring about some serious neurological constellations of color and brilliance. Sadly, with the antibiotics and steroids I'm on now, it'll be bland city for a while. Dammit.

3. I have a new crush on Shannon McNally. She's raspy and delicious.

4. I've been able to change out of my convalescing wardrobe long enough to get my butt to Phase One, where I've sort of fenagled my way onto the planning committee for PhaseFest 2008. I had the highest hopes for myself this week, between contacting sponsors and planning a big ol' queer sexy party, but with the Plague of '08, it didn't all happen. Here's to a productive weekend of planning, organization, and maybe a few phone calls. Pray that I'm wearing my sweet and saleswomanly voice.

Have a good weekend, people. I'll be more domestically queer next week, when the world starts to spin with busy-ness and obligation. Get yerselves some rest in the meantime.

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