Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things I Want.

Listen people. I've got nothin'. I had a busy-as-heck weekend, a headache of mammoth proportions on Monday, and I'm back among the living trying to do a million things including lunch, planning, and figuring out why none of my pants fit right anymore (apparently, contrary to the standard reactions to Prednisone, I've LOST weight). This is a lot for one lady to handle, ok?

So rather than deluging you with my latest project (there is one, natch) or some fantastic domestic idea, I'm going to give you one of my lists. In this case, it's stuff I want...for you to buy me? Well, only if you wanna.

Vintage red cake tin - it's repro but it's HOT.
$36.95 at Kitchen Krafts.com
(BTW...anything else in that line of red enamel would be great, thx.)

Cushman's Honeybells. They're out of season, but jot it down and get me some later!
Various packages ranging from $19.99 - $76.99 at honeybell.com

Don't lie about your size, DEFY IT. God, I love stealing make up slogans!
Ginormous Elf t-shirt. Teh sexay.
$20 at 80stees.com

Soaps from Savor on Etsy. God, her stuff looks delectable and edible.
You know it's bad when I want to eat soap.
Varies in price, between $3.50 - $12 at Etsy.com

Milk and Bread pendant by Melanie Favreau on Etsy.
$38 on Etsy.com

Mechanical Bull.
At my birthday party, or something.
I have no idea how much it costs, but you can rent it locally!

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