Thursday, April 10, 2008

Family Values - or - How I continue to hate the conservative press.

I just told my partner to stop reading or watching anything related to the Thomas Beatie story, because it's tragic, painful and full of inaccuracies pushed forth by a conservative agenda. The lengths to which people will go to share their unsolicited opinions brings me close to tears, especially in the case of a man who is pregnant. The concept of a man, trans or not, being pregnant isn't new to our culture. We've been toying with the idea for years. I mean, I can remember as a TEN YEAR OLD CHILD watching Fox's show Alien Nation and accepting with great realism and understanding the fact that the "male" character was responsible for bringing the fetus to term. Am I the only person in the world who grew up under rather conservative conditions that is still ok with this reality? No.

Shit like this makes me livid. I mean, ridiculously shaking and quaking with anger. It shouldn't be legal for people to suggest on NATIONAL TELEVISION that someone's eyes should burst forth from their skull during childbirth, or that they agree with a person's fear that their child will be killed for being the product of such abnormal parents, or even that he should just go ahead and off himself. The audacity is relentless. America just doesn't know when to stop.

There are plenty of things I don't agree with and I appreciate my "right" to voice those disagreements as they arise. But that doesn't preclude me from being cautious and responsible about my feelings when I do allow them to boil up. I do not explode with bigotry and hate because I can. And that is what kills me about people's warped perceptions of American culture and civil decency. They think that because they are entitled to say something, that they should. The damage they create in the wake of their bigotry doesn't seem to be a concern, however, and neither does the reflexive consequences of such restrictive and alienating hate speech. Does it surprise anyone that there is a consistent rise in self-injurious behaviors, mental health problems, family strife and personal angst? It's because we have ripped ourselves free from the constraints of Victorian control, we've tasted sweet freedom, and then we're told by these media puppets that if we actually attempt to use the freedom we have by virtue of being human, we are somehow freaks and should die because of our "choices". Disgusting. The conservative right, including a large percentage of the Christian right, has taken it upon themselves to speak for a constituency that does not benefit from their voice. So if you identity as either, I suggest you start demanding that they make you look less like bigoted assholes and more like the loving creatures God (or whomever else) intended us to be.

They are creating the wrath that the Bible warns about, they are the end of civilization. Not freaks like Thomas, my partner or me. We're just trying to be free.

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