Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Gay Housewife says...

New style post today, people. I often find myself making these lists of things I like or love and things that are the opposite of like/love in that same genre. I did it this morning when I was on the shuttle from the metro to work, and decided to capture the moment and start a [hopefully] new column on my blog. Enjoy and let me know what you think or some of your yes/nos.

1. Raclette - YES! Blue Cheese - NO.

2. ZZ Top - YES! Upper lip caterpillars (read: moustaches) - NO.

3. Roman shades - YES! Mini blinds - NO.

4. Sharpies - YES! RoseArt - NO.

5. An infestation of Origami cranes at my desk - YES! Not recycling paper at work - NO.

6. IZZE - YES! Red Bull - NO.

7. Swiss Trams - YES! Metro - NO.

8. Slip 'n' Slide - YES! Sprinkler in your parents front yard - NO.

9. Bravo TV - YES! Lifetime - NO.

10. Quaker chewy granola bars - YES! Inedible protein bars - NO.


  1. Lifetime - NO? Someone hasn't heeded my multiple directives to watch "How to Look Good Naked." (Said someone has also not properly indulged a Lifetime Movie marathon. Properly, of course, meaning with me and a whole bunch of snacks.)

  2. Um, LOVES IT. But I must say, a simple blind can sometimes trump a roman shade.

  3. I am so feeling you on numbers 3 and 4. I was LMAO at the Slip N Slide! I have had some big fun on those things!


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