Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yes vs. No - Part Deux!

It's that time again, kids! I apparently have no depth or substance this week or last beyond determining what I like and what I don't like. I hope to have a more meaty post in the next few days. Look for it! In the meantime, a good ol' fashioned game of Yes vs. No.

1. Candy - YES! Jeff - NO.

2. Dahlias - YES! Carnations - NO.

3. someecards - YES! Hallmark - NO.

4. Laundry - YES! Dishes - NO.

5. Vintage enamel - YES! Tupperware - NO.

6. Sales - YES! Coupons - NO.

7. Bitch - YES! Bust - NO.

Especially when it comes to this bitch...

8. Post It Notes - YES! Scrap paper - NO.

click on the image for the story

9. Rothko - YES! Pollack - NO.

10. Calling a cab - YES! Sleeping at the bar - NO.

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