Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When I Grow Up.

When I find something spectacularly wonderful and fancy (read: expensive), I tell my partner or my friends that "when I grow up" I'm going to have it. I find that this declaration both inspires and unnerves me, as I am horrendously fond of instant gratification. But, I'm also (at some place within my person) a reasonable gal, so identifying something as an aspiration versus a must-have is a gesture to my checkbook...who is often wincing in the corner of most consumer establishments.

I bookmark delightful thinks as though it were my job...a vocation I acquired somewhere between the splashed-together genetics of my shopaholic grandmother and my pensive, careful mother. If I save the memory, then I'll save the money and then I'll have my precious thing. Growing up...and growing into a serious relationship...complicates this, however. What I want is not something mutually desired. In fact, more often than not, I'm the only one who wants it within a 30 mile radius of my home.

So I have lots of conversations with my beloved and we talk about how we can both merge our respective styles and also pay credance to our personal histories as well as family heirlooms. Being a young couple complicates this (as well as being a Taurus and a Leo...bullheaded, much?), because we are restling with things that pretty much stay in our imagination. There is very little we can do to affect a change of decor in our home these days, between work schedules and finances. So we dream, we sqaubble, we forward links to one another, and we try to find a balance between our two preferences and something we're both comfortable saying represents Us.

Draper's Cabinet (Set of 3) Stackable Chicken Coop

A blogger linked to repro-vintage chairs today from the Sundance Catalog and I FELL.IN.LOVE. So I forwarded a few things to Em and we both agreed that if anything, thus far, represents us and what We like, this is it. But, their stuff is pricey. So I'm creating a memory book here, of sorts, to both inspire us and remind us. Sundance has an heirloom quality to their furniture designs...it may be brand new, but rather than just looking "vintage" their designs appear to have been stolen from the living room at your grandmother's house. I cannot wait to "grow up" and have some of this stuff for my (excuse me...Our) very own.

all images courtesy SundanceCatalog.com


  1. that leather chair is like a big hug.

    you two are going to have the cosiest house!


  2. Thanks lady! I agree, that chair is a big hug. Fortunately, I don't ever anticipate being vegan, so we could conceivably have it one day!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's a little bit of happiness whenever I see your name pop up!

  3. aww shucks.

    by the way, we have three new fish. got 'em the other day. like i always say 'great minds think alike'


  4. My "When I grow up" wish is for a pair of Adirondack chairs. *sigh*


    yet another blogging Leo (8/10)


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