Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumnal Etsy Finds

Listen here, I think people like myself...pale, red-headed ladies...look best in autumn. I think that a warm wooly scarf compliments our rosy cheeks, cool breezes highlight our fantastically ginger hair, and soft sweaters keep our skin from being exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. I also think that autumn is the best smelling season and that there is nothing more beautiful than a pumpkin.

So when I logged onto Etsy today and noticed that there was an autumnal/pumpkin themed treasury on the front page, I got totally excited about my favorite season. It's unfortunate that Etsy doesn't have smell-o-vision, because there are soaps and scents that I'm sure are bursting with cinnamony goodness. And the scarves and hats seem so much more appealing. Below you'll find a large and random assortment of some of my fall picks from Etsy. With the exception of the necklace, they're all priced at $30 or less, too! Enjoy!

1. Chestnut Pumpkin from TheDailyPincushion - $10
Use this as a pincushion, obviously, or add it to your coffeetable, bookshelf or even dining room table as a cute autumnal decoration. I particularly love the squiggly vines.

2. Pumpkin Brulee Soup from britewerkz - $4.25
I've never purchased soaps from britewerkz, but recently they were featured in a separate treasury with a soap that was apparently reminiscent of leather. MMM, manly! I keep them in my scanning radar now because the combinations of scents sound delectable. In this case, lathering up with pumpkin brulee sounds divine.

3. Vintage Amber Apothecary Jar from tawnillia - $19
I have loved this jar since the moment I saw it. In fact, if one of you doesn't buy it, I probably will. I think it's absolutely gorgeous and would look lovely as it is in all of it's amber-rosey glory or filled with delicious pumpkin-flavored candies or cookies.

4. Pumpkin Pilates print from Stellalola - $30
My dear friend Mr. Fun Fun (as I like to call him) purchased a Cupcake Conga Line print for me from Stellalola for my birthday and I LOVE IT. I'm so glad to see she's continued on with her fantastic line of dancing food to include Pumpkin Pilates. Seriously. These are the most hilarious and quirky pieces of food art EVAR.

5. Biscuit Cutter (cherry) from WoodElements - $14
You can use a round cookie cutter, a hollowed out tin can or even just shape your own biscuits. But why not make it with something a curvy and smooth as this! WoodElements constructs practical and beautiful wood creations and this is my personal favorite. It reminds me of something old-world with a very crisp, modern charm to it. And biscuits with apple or pumpkin butter are a Southern fall staple, are they not?

6. Chocolate Chunky Bear Beanie from babaialainn - $21
If I EVER see a child wearing this hat, I will steal him. Seriously. Is this not the cutest!? This designer creates really sturdy hats and things for kids and adults with really unique color choices. This one is particularly simple, but perfect for a hip kid. In fact...I know a hip kid about to bust into this world. Perhaps my future nephew-in-law Henry will look darling in one of these. I think YES.

7. Harvest Handspun Yarn from misshawklet - $22
Miss Hawklet yarns are spun with love and care by my friend Holly. I don't really know much about yarn other than the fact that Holly's yarns are soft, gorgeous and expertly constructed. I love to knit with her yarns more than any other yarn I've found. Her prices are reasonable and she is just the sweetest, so buy some of her yarn make yer own dang hat!

8. Fall Thread Print from emmalynne - $20
My friend Shayne of NoveltyKitten gifted me one of emmalynne's thread prints as a thank you gift and I LOVE IT! I don't know why I find the thread and spool combinations in her simple and elegant prints so wonderful, but I do! And I think this particular print encapsulates all of the unique colors of autumn.

9. Wood & Resin Cluster Necklace from modica - $80
The last thing you want is a delicate, floofy necklace getting caught up in your wool scarf, right? Well, head on over to modica and pick up one of these GAWGEOUS modern wood/resin pendants. I love the natural/synthetic pairing in her pieces and I also absolutely love her color choices. modica also carries earrings that complement her pieces, so head on over and look!

10. Spice Neck Warmer from knittykittie - $16
Neckwarmers are SRS BZNS. They're all the warmth without the extra boob that the dangling tails of a scarf create when you tuck them into your jacket. I'm particularly fond of the crimson, spicey, burnt orangey-red look of this neck warmer. The construction is simple but they are incredibly comfortable and unique. Knittykittie has a unique collection of neckwarmers in just about every color you could imagine.

11. Orange Fondue Set from ladiesandgentlemen - $30
ETA: ladiesandgentlemen is having an AWESOME sale right now...a nifty buy-one-get-one arrangement. See the shop for more details!
Now, I can't eat fondue so if you buy this and make yourself some delicious melted cheese Swiss-style, don't tell me how great it was. Just know that I've had fondue before and I know it's God's gift to melted food in a pot. I love the look of this fondue pot, especially the bright orange enamel and gorgeous wooden handle. Use it for chocolate, cheese, or broth. Or just leave it on your dining room table and get some shag carpeting as a suitable accent. Cheesey baby YEA!


12. Colours Stack of Rings: Earthy from paintedmetal - $70 (half stack available!)
I can't believe I forgot this!! Doesn't this stack of patina'd brass rings scream FALL to you? It certainly does to me! I absolutely love this set and half stacks available in this same line. paintedmetal creates these slightly hammered beauties by hand and then carefully patinas and coats each individual one for lasting durability (and so yer fingers don't turn green!). I love them!


  1. i was all excited about spring and now you've got me pining for autumn.

    you could always melt dark (dairy-free) chocolate in the fondue with liqueur, then dip marshmallow and strawberries. oh yessss!

  2. Haha. I totally forgot that your seasons are backwards. And your toilet flushes backwards too, yes? Heehee. :-)

    I will probably melt some dark chocolate with Grand Marnier or something and have a party with myself and a bowl of sweet stuff.

    Too bad you're Down Under. I'd totally share.


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