Monday, September 22, 2008

Gettin' the hell outta Dodge.

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This weekend Em and I were invited to stay with our friends Ed and John in a mountain top cabin in Harper's Ferry, WV. Naturally, we immediately replied in the affirmative and had our bags packed in anticipation for weeks. Harper's Ferry is about 10 miles away from my favorite little American town, so I was absolutely excited to share in the pastoral splendor that is the Eastern panhandle of West Virginia AND spend some time in the town I love dearly.

This is going to be a long pictorial, but I got a new camera this weekend at The Walmart (yeah, I know it's bad but I wanted to take pictures and mine is practically a 1970s Polaroid at this point), which was one of the only stores around.

We drove up to Highacre House, which is managed by the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, Friday afternoon. It was a nice drive, quick and easy and we landed at our weekend destination excited and ravenous. After a quick jaunt to Walmart, we settled in for the evening with food, booze and amazing views.

This is Highacre House. So cute!

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast. We were going to hit up the Harper's Ferry Flea Market and Shepherdstown (my favorite place!), so we needed sustenance.

Ed on the left, Em in the middle, John on the right.

We put on our sunglasses and got ready to go.

Oh, isn't he handsome?!

After the Flea Market, which was interesting (I got two old ass Ball Mason Jars and this really pretty glass "thing" that used to sit atop power lines), we headed towards Shepherdstown. We hit up my favorite coffee shop in the WHOLE WORLD, Lost Dog, for hot coffee and an attempt at making my favorite drink non-dairy, a Soy Wet Dog. It was delicious. YES.

We walked up one side of German Street and down the other, enjoying things such as Shepherdstown Sweet Shop, Four Seasons Books, and The Herb Lady.

We also wandered around Shepherd University's campus, where I pretended to be a student for a year. It's still beautiful, I think. I treated myself to a Shepherd t-shirt. Go Rams!

After a day full of fantastic delights, Ed insisted we hit up another cherished destination. Dairy Queen, of course. Look at that orgasmic delight on his face.

We headed back to Highacre at that point and spent the rest of the evening and weekend reading, relaxing, playing games and drinking. There are tons of picture in the Harper's Ferry Trip set on my Flickr. Head over there. I'll close with a few more of my favorites. If you ever have the chance, head to Shepherdstown. At about one hour outside the city (DC), it's a great day trip and there's so much to do, see, taste and experience.

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  1. that just looks all too beautiful to be real. perfect little r&r break. i am actually totally green with envy!

    ms a


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