Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things I've Loved Lately

Following the wave of gentrification in my city is totally draining, y'all. I just moved from a "love nest" (read: a ridiculous two story walk-up, half of which was a circular staircase, with bathroom issues out the wazoo and inattentive landlords) to a "Modified Fag Pad" on the other end of the city in a brand new, swanky building with more amenities than I can sometimes remember and a fancy new roommate. And while I'm totally excited about my new digs (And the roominess! And the walk-in closet! Aand the rooftop pool!), it doesn't really feel handmade. Trust me, I'll get over my disappointment when I realize how awesome it is to wander downstairs to the Pub Room late at night in my PJs, drunk, and play some shuffleboard or foosball, but for now I'm missing exposed brick and old Romeo & Juliet balconies and the more neighborhoody feel of my previous abode.

So I decided that rather than lament my choice, which I will not do because you shouldn't lament something that you choose and steals from your paycheck, I'll just try to make it more homey. I'll keep on buying handmade, do some more cooking and baking, and make the simple touches around the place that say, "Robots do not live here."

Here are some things I've found lately that either remind me of home or are things that I want to add to my haste!

Haute Cuisine stamps from Craft Pudding! I love the idea of making my own "Just Moved" cards with these stamps, or hosting a housewarming party and asking people to bring over their favorite recipe, or even just rewriting all of my recipes on the same white cardstock and stamping them with these delightful minis. Yes, I would do that. My sweetie picked me up a knitting stamp from the same artist and I can't wait to use it on tags and cards for my crafty things!

I read about this company somewhere in my blog travels recently. Fortunately my addled brain remembered to bookmark the site! Betsy & Claude was started by a woman who, after the birth of her first child, found she was allergic to wheat and egg. Then a special request was made of her to bake some mainstream treats for an autistic child, I'm assuming with dietary restrictions, and these cookies were born! Their products are 100% vegan, and they are gluten, dairy (casein), nut, soy and egg-free. And since I'm dairy free and not afraid of a cookie, I'm totally going to try some! They come in chocolate chip, gingersnap, peppermint chocolate chunk and NOatmeal raisin. YUM.

My brother's friend Tyler reminded me recently about Fishs Eddy, and now I'm completely OBSESSING over their awesome stuff! Where else can you get old fashioned repro dairy glasses AND an entire line of dishware inspired by Brooklyn? This shop is apparently located in NYC, and I'm going to have to drag my brother there with me when I visit him, but in the meantime I can satisfy myself with all the kitchen porn at their website. Seriously...pole dancer coasters!

Maybe I'll turn my books into library books with these authentic library cards and pockets. Wouldn't my friends just love it if I pull my glasses to the end of my nose and stamp due dates on any one of my plethora of Queen Elizabeth I books or my abundance of (*hangs head in shame*) romance novels.

Another post to follow soon with pictures and more about our move. Oh, and a glimpse into what I've been doing for the past seven months.


  1. happy house warming!! wait...a pub room? oh my gosh! that's so cool!

    inattentive land-lords suck so the move was worth it. hope the change brings much new energy and inspiration and you find a nice little local place for your caramel soy lattes!!

  2. no shame in loving romance novels :)


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