Monday, September 8, 2008

What I've been doing the past seven months...

In February this year, I got the bright idea to get more involved. I was feeling good, ready to get back to my gay roots, and do something fun and somewhat community oriented. I signed on board for Phasefest, which was touted as the East Coast's largest queer music and arts festival. Last year, I wasn't able to participate in the festival at all, as a volunteer or patron, because I was sick with bronchitis almost continuously. I was also on edge with a lot of what I *thought* was going on at the bar.

By February, though, I had it all worked out. I was on good terms with my old friends at the bar and felt like I could commit myself to something fantastic and long-term. I joined the steering committee and proceeded to dive head first into something with which I little experience and with people I hardly knew. But somehow, down this meandering road of self-reflection, crying, laughing, a little extra Jack Daniels now and then, and one dramatic quit, we've managed to do it.

Allow me to present:

Phasefest 2008
2nd Annual Queer Music & Arts Festival

Phase 1 Lounge - The Nation's oldest lesbian bar

Washington, DC

We have a ridiculously long list of amazing performers slated to play in a uniquely historic place...both for me and for queer ladies nationwide. If you read my blog and are in the DC Metro area and like good music, good drinks, a little bit of craftiness and a rowdy good time, come down to Phasefest!

I'm proud of the festival in so many ways, and proud of myself too. Despite some incredible hurdles, I've managed to work through a lot of my control issues and be a member of a collective team. I've taken on a lot of what would professionally be deemed "marketing and development" and I've also wrangled more paperwork and information than I thought I could actually handle. It's a great feeling to be part of something and in the end, glow with pride at the accomplishment of the team and of yourself. See you at Phasefest!

Check out the hot rod poster, too.

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  1. i like to work alone too. i used to dread those group assignments at school. how great that you are challenging yourself in this way and growing. i need to get outta my comfort zone.

    gosh. your a bit inspiring ya know!!


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