Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Giftapalooza

I was sitting at dinner the other night with my Lover Bear and a few tables away there was a little girl, probably 8 months old, doing a myriad of things to drive her parents crazy. Crying, screeching, mumbling, gnawing, throwing, etc. I said to L. Bear that one particular cry that she emitted was a "cry of utter frustration"...she was trying to convey that she wanted something and, having no words, just freaked the hell out. L. Bear was impressed at my ability to discern what each baby yelp meant, and after insisting that I add my Baby Interpreting skills to my resume, proceeded to ask me what every yelp meant the rest of our meal. All of this is to say that I have a pretty keen sense of what's going on when it comes to kids. I know when they need refreshment, entertainment or a time out...for the most part. What I cannot decide on, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, is what to get people for baby showers. JESUS.

So anyway, my lovely friend B and her husband A, who happens to be my honorary brother-in-law by virtue of being the brother of my sister-wife/best friend Bucko, are having a baby. I think I said this already, but it bears repeating. THEY ARE HAVING A BABY. Yay for babies!

My old standby was a pair of Old Navy overalls and a few long and short sleeve onesies to suit the sex of the baby, or the color preference of the parents. I'd also pick up a cute hat and some socks too. I bought overalls because I think that babies look adorable in them, and they're much easier for babies (read: parents) to manage than kids anywhere from four to 10 years old, who can't seem to work out the whole "I have to take my pants off at my shoulders" situation and wind up having regular accidents. Also, this just made things easier because I didn't have to think. But now I have more consistent access to the internet and a particular penchant for bookmarking EVERYTHING, and I've wound up with a list that would rival a baby's registry rather than just a checklist for myself. Tell me what you think about all of my ideas.

Skip Hop's Duo Deluxe diaper bag - $54

Skip Hop's Mod Dot Crib Bedding - ranges from $20 - $220

Modernseed's Zutano Zutsuit in Chocolate - $25
This happens to go quite well with their Zutano Stripe Knit Socks - $4.50

Modernseed's Pia Wallen Baby Slippers in Brown - $39

Modernseed's Stripes the Bunny - $20 (<-- I may have to get this for myself!)

Perpetual Kid's "I Might Barf" onesie - $22.99

Perpetual Kid's New Parent Checklist - $6.99

Perpetual Kid's New Parents Vouchers - $6.99

Perpetual Kid's Family Medical Organizer - $19.99

Glambaby's Stewart the Elephant onesie - $15

happyfamily's Milk and Cookies ringer onesie & pants set - $26

happyfamily's Striped Blue Necktie onesie in orange - $18

bambinamia's Rock On W onesie - $18

LeastLikely2Breed's Tough Titties Nipple Rub - $6

johnwgolden's Play Nice print (By Order of the Management series) - $20

SleepingForest's Quit Pulling My Whale wooden toy - $25

craftpudding's Custom Name Stamp - $20

Jesus, that's a long list.


  1. While you may be just the right size for the onesie, I bet if you asked happyfamily real nice they might make you one in your real size.

    WHISPER PANTS!!!!!!!!

  2. omg, your the baby whisperer! where were you when i was tearing my hair out for the first... oh... 15 mths?

    i'm with dusty ruffles on the tie onesie cuteness.


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