Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barnes & Noble Home Collection

I was surprised this morning when I opened my inbox to see that not only is there a sale at Barnes & but the sale is for their Home Collection. Um, they have a home collection? I worked at Barnes & Noble (which, by the way only has an S at the end of BARNES...I hate when people say Nobles) 10 years ago. I helped open the Fairfax, Virginia location. I even have the remnants of a sprained rotator cuff in my left shoulder to prove it. Did you know that shelving books can cause a repetitive motion injury in your shoulder!? Delightful.

Anyway, I checked out the collection. As is per Barnes & Noble's approach to all things (like such as their music/video collection), stuff is a little overpriced. It's kind of Restoration Hardware in its aesthetic, but there are some cute things here and there. It has a similar appeal, too, that you might find in their stores. Rich, deep wood tones, metals and deep jewel tones, and a unique collection of book accessories that ranges anywhere from shelves and lamps to booklights and stationery. Overall, I'm pleased.

My e-mail told me that they're having a 20% off sale (taken at checkout; no coupon necessary), on all Home Collection stuff. I'm contemplating the set of mini vases pictured in this post, simply because I'm a geek for mini things. We'll see. Nevertheless, head on over and check it out.

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  1. I helped open the Gaithersburg store, maybe 9 years ago? I was in charge of the children's department.


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