Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flustery Blustery

Yesterday we had wind gusts up to 45mph and they said that the temperature last night approached the low 30s, with wind chills in the 20s. While we're progressing back to seasonable and more mild autumnal weather at this point, all of that wacky weather does indicate that things like mornings and evenings are going to be CHILLY. And coincidentally, any day of the week Monday through Thursday, that's when I'm going to be outside. My scarves are currently holed up in storage and my yarn is packed. I found a random pair of gloves in one of my suitcases this morning, which was a blessing while waiting at the chilly bus stop before work. But it got me thinking about delightful patterns and purchases designed for this blustery thing we call "the swift progression from fall into winter". Ok, we probably don't call it that. Hell, I don't even call it that. But that is what's happening, so we better all be prepared, eh?

Here you will find a collection of patterns and possible purchases to keep the chill off this winter, and perhaps one or two yarn oriented crafts that might not keep you warm but are flippin' cute!

Yarn Harlot's "An Unoriginal Hat" - pattern

dlknit's Comfy Scarf Wrap - $45

Liquid Paper's "pom pom pumpkins" - project

CrazyAuntPurl's "Reversible Knit Halloween Beanie" - pattern

misshawklet's Jeans Girl handspun yarn (A) or (B)- $28.50

Bella Knitting's "Viking Hats Patterns" - pattern

joliem6201 Lil' Pumpkin Cocoon Wrap Snuggler - $60

Pink Argyle's "Mini Mitten Ornaments" - pattern

yearofthegoat's Hand Knit Mascu-mitten (pea green) - $48

Kis*Knit's "Twisted Drop Stitch Scarf" - pattern

sewlutionsbyamo's Ashley Reversible Neck Warmer/Tie Scarf - $48

The Purling Sprite's "Aran Afghan" - pattern/tutorial
Part of a series on how to knit cables using KniftyKnitter looms

tinyhearts' Rosey Cozy Alpaca Cream neckwarmer - $35

knitting school dropout's "Really Warm Hat" - pattern

dollyknits' Beautiful Teal Handknit Neckwarmer with ribbon - $28

Sweater Surgery's "Double Sided Cable Scarf" - pattern

All images are courtesy of their respective owners. I think it's fairly obvious that I haven't knitted anything myself recently. Hopefully soon, though. In the meantime, enjoy!

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  1. thanks for the pimp! I LOVE that tie!!



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