Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Suze Orman and Oprah

I often find myself "listening" to YouTube when I'm busy doing other things, and today is no different. I just listened to this episode (split into 5 parts) of Oprah from September 23rd of this year, featuring Suze Orman. Granted, this is "pre-bailout" so the information she provides may require a little investigation, but overall I think she offers a very clear and simple view of what's going on these days, and in her signature style she gives some really fantastic advice for people and how to handle their money during these harsh economic times.

Interesting to note: Your car insurance premiums, in most states, can go up if your credit score decreases. And insurances companies are not required to notify you of a change. TERRIFYING.

NOTE: If you're a cable-free person, this YouTube user has ALL of the Intervention episodes, split into five parts each, for your viewing pleasure. Also, a lot of Dr. Phil and Oprah. Yay!

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