Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Drunk is feeling sophisticated when you can't say it. --Anonymous

Well, all of this stress has got me thinking about "stress relief" know, meditation, brisk walks in the cool autumn air, yoga, and booze. There isn't much I wouldn't do at this point to get all of my furniture, books, clothing and kitchen paraphernalia hauled over to my new apartment, put neatly away and suddenly find myself lounging in some sort of super soft flannel adult-sized long-sleeve/legged onesie, with a cracklin' fire, mood lighting, a fantastic movie and a plastic tumbler filled with boxed white wine.

That's living.

And then I started thinking about Rachel Maddow (if I could insert a clip me drooling here, I would, but then she probably wouldn't marry me and Em, and then we'd both be devastated) and how in her New York Times interview, she mentioned that she was a hobbyist bartender, with a particular interest in creating "classic drinks from the golden age of American cocktails." Reading that...and imagining sipping a Manhattan next to her when she suddenly sets my cocktail down on the table, whisks me up and starts twirling me around as though I'm Ginger Rogers to her Fred Astaire...AHHHHH, focus. Ahem. Reading that made me think about how I really do enjoy a delish cocktail now and then, and so I thought I'd compile a list of a few fun boozey things. There may be a gratuitous picture of Rachel Maddow mixed in somewhere. I would apologize, but given her universal appeal (even my parents love her), I don't think anyone would mind.

Even if your bar consists of a milk crate and some plywood, make sure your friends know where the heck the booze is. Decorate it with this kick ass, old fashioned letterpress style print.
Yeehaw Industries' Davy Crockett Coon Ass Tennessee Whiskey Letterpress Print - $25

While I do not advocate sneaking a drink in inappropriate places, nor do I suggest or endorse the use of this in airports, I do feel that this would make a lovely statement in the top drawer of your nightstand.
Uncommon Goods' Dear Diary Flask in a Book - $30

Function does not follow form in this piece, but for a cocktail pourin' bartender, ambience is key. Give your bar a funky, fun, vintage flare with one of Artsy's upcycled works of art.
Artsy's Orange Crush Vintage Upcycled Retro Rocket Robot (no. 62) - $62

My BFF lives in Baltimore. I need to be a polite hostess and send notice in advance of impending holiday imbibery. The lovely, gentle appeal of Provo, Utah style scrapbooking meet hardcore boozin' in this lovely wintry card.
notmoira's Let it Snow, and Pass the Malt Liquor holiday card - $2.95

Scare your friends and neighbors! Pretend your righteously mad about some kid repeatedly throwing a ball into your yard, march over to this case, and then offer them a nice Australian Shiraz.
Uncommon Goods' Locked and Loaded Ammunitions Case Wine Bar - $300

Go Rat Pack vintage with this ultra-hip bowling ball hidden ice bucket. I cannot guarantee that you'll "score" or anything, but I imagine that if Rachel Maddow pulled ice cubes out of this thing for my cocktail, I'd...well...
VaudevilleVintage1's Retro Hidden Ice Bucket Bowling Ball - $30

Open up an 8pm or later Lemonade Stand for Adults with this beaut! Make some fantastic concotion of booze and fruit juice, give your neighbors a cup for $5 each, and donate the proceeds to some fantastic charity or something. Just don't tell them how you collected it.
madison belle's Refreshing Lemonade Decanter - $109

Another funky vintage accessory to the bar. Ok, so maybe you can't use it. But don't we all just use store bought bottles anyway?
Three Potato Four's Argentina Seltzer Bottle - $80

Not only can you swizzle your drinks to a refreshing chill, you can play ice guitar!
Uncommon Goods' Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers - $16

And when push comes to shove, and you're about ten seconds from tearing your hair out or punching someone in the face, you can just throw this lovely vintage upcycled pewter necklace on. Head into the bar with the biggest, ugliest purse you can find, wearing mismatched tracksuit and a side-ponytail. Slam your bag on the bar and point at your necklace. The bartender will know what to do.
dustDesignCo's Vintage Blue Monday Cocktail Necklace - $35



    That is really all I have to say. :)

  2. crafty lady, please make us some sort of maddow fertility totem. i seriously need some sort of small maddow talisman on me at all times. she is so adorable!!!
    esoteric drinx wize, i'm horrible at cocktailing, but a foodie friend raves about adam at bar pilar's mixing skills.
    and natch, lili at black cat is the bomb, blindfolded and sans measuring devices.


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