Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Etsy find o' the week!

I have been "collecting" stationery for over 12 years. Collecting stationery basically means that anywhere, anytime if there is a rack of cards, I will be near it picking out a handful of treasures to take home. I love scouring through the clearance bins at big box stores, going to little knick-knack shops and checking out the irreverent and hilarious, and more than anything I LOVE stationery stores...stores dedicated to my junkie-esque habit. There was a fantastic store in Basel, Switzerland that was a multi-level heaven on Earth. It was tucked away in one of the commerce districts, where the stone nubbly streets still exist. Le Chat Noir was fabulous. I would spend hours there almost every weekend spending my very limited au pair stipend on cards to keep and send home. It was divine.

Anyway, Etsy has turned into Le Chat Noir for me. Aside from my mother's adorable scrapbooked and handcrafted cards, and the stuff I make on my own, I've found that Etsy is a fantastic place for high quality, handmade stationery. I recently discovered farouche, an operation based in "sunny California", and I must say...I'm in love. Here is a delightful assortment of farouche finds, all of which will be added to my collection at some point or another.

Personalized Craft Room Tags - $15
30 tags in 10 different styles, measuring 2"x4" each. Personalized just for your crafty creations!

Personalized Baking Tags - $15
A unique and vintage-inspired set of 30-2"x4" tags for all your baking needs! There is also a Christmas themed set too!

Rocket Woman Note Cards - $25
A set of 20 personalizaed kick ass rocket woman cards. I know EXACTLY who is getting these for Christmas.

Drunken Tags - $4
A set of 8 drunk-themed tags to attach to birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, or tokens of sincere regret [for inappropriate behaviors and/or actions].

Ten Worst Pick Up Lines - $5
10 cards in the set. I quote the artist: "Hey Baby! These cards are little larger than a business card so they can easily be kept in a wallet for that special situation when your own words are not enough. They also make a fun alternative to a gift tag."

The items I've selected are my personal favorites. farouche also has an incredible selection of notecards including peacocks, typewriters, trout, hearts, deer, revolvers, and women extraordinaire. They've got gift tags out the wazoo, including signature dandy tags, pulp fiction tags, and yee haw tags. Basically, farouche has just about everything anyone could need to outfit their stationery collection. I'm definitely going to use their shop as a jumping off point for the bulk of my holiday shopping.

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