Thursday, November 20, 2008

Everything's coming up ORANGE

I've graduated to enjoying a more diverse color palette recently (as it relates to my person), including vibrant pinks, greens and even blue. In high school, I spent most of the year wearing white t-shirts and jeans. I think I endeavored to be as plain (read: invisible) as possible. But as my confidence grew, my color palette expanded. For many years, if you asked me what my favorite color was, I would exclaim ORANGE! But then a few years ago I added red, and now I just can't choose. But in homage to my original favorite color, and the vibrancy it brings to autumn every year, this post is a Etsy find extravaganza dedicated to the color orange (which is the same in many languages, but of course!).

LunasaDesigns' Bumpy Road Ring - $38

rikrak's Christmas Orange & Green Tree Felt Stocking - $18

kpglassjewelry1's Stem Necklace in Tangerine Orange with Oxidized Sterling Silver - $92

BeckyM's Pumpkin Pie Felt Food - $8

CableGal's Braided Cable Scarf - Orange - $40

jessgonacha's you are my sunshine unframed gocco print - $8

dandelionblu's Tiny Maple Dangles - $34

2ReVert's Recycled Skateboard Bangle (Smooth) - $22

prettylittle's Pumpkin Baby Booties (Felted Merino Wool) - $28

lupin's Little Poppy Pin, orange - $14.50


  1. And then your carrot cake right below this post, and the pumpkin bread I'm eating right now. Orange is such an under-appreciated color--hooray for this blog entry! I love the felted booties (they look so comfy) and the stem necklace.

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! and what a great collection of Orange! I love the booties too!

  3. love it! orange is one of my favorite colors. thanks so much for including me!!

  4. I can't do orange myself - too deathly pale, but I hear ya on going from bland to bright. I used to wear mostly all black and gray, not to be goth, but to just not draw attention to myself. Now it's all PINK and PURPLE and did I mention PINK? My laundry is one ridiculous pile of pink.

  5. Thanks for featuring me! I love orange!!!


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