Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Free stuff for voting!

Americans rarely do anything without incentive. Apparently you can get some pretty sweet stuff just for voting and/or wearing your "I voted" sticker. Here's what I've found so far:
  • All Krispy Kreme customers with an "I Voted" sticker on will receive a complimentary star shaped donut with red, white and blue patriotic sprinkles. Dammit if I can't have donuts.
  • From 5-8pm (your local time, I suppose), walk into any Ben & Jerry's and receive a free scoop of your ice cream of choice (Cherry Garcia, ahem). Dammit if I can't have this too.
  • Head into your local Starbucks and receive a free tall-sized (12oz) cup of coffee after you vote. Can I get a splash of soy milk?
  • MOST IMPORTANT:My lovely Bucko and her family, who own Rock Candy in the Lauraville neighborhood of Balitmore, are offering a fantabulous discount for any vote-enthusiast (all ages!). Come in wearing your "I Voted" sticker, paraphernalia from your favorite candidate, or invent some sort of fantastic cheerleading routine (ask for Joel specifically if you plan to do this) and perform it in the store! You'll get 15% off your purchase TUESDAY November 4th.

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