Monday, November 3, 2008

Hello Craft

Crafting "colleague" (if you will) Tina Seamonster and some crafty pals have created Hello Craft: The Future of Making Is In Your Hands. She told me about this endeavor a few months ago and I have waited breathlessly for it to finally be born (excuse any grammatical nonsense in there).

What you have with Hello Craft is a lovely website, a blog, and a podcast. Now, I'm not hip to podcasting as I often find it difficult to process information aurally...I'm just more of a read-and-retain kind of learner...and I only subscribe to one podcast right now, Craft Mentality. But Hello Craft's podcasts (subscribe to them through iTunes here) are participant-driven and kept short...between 5-7 minutes each. Thus far there have been two podcasts, one from this chickadee and one from Tina Seamonster herself. It's absolutely amazing and beautiful to hear how crafting is, in so many ways, a genetic compulsion. I've found that in my craft-socializing, that most people cannot NOT craft. It's right up there with breathing. And so this site is dedicated to advancing and highlighting people who need to craft/make to live. I love it.

I'm going to work on a "script" to tell my crafting story, or about how crafting has been a part of my family for generations, or even just a story about my grandmother. In the meantime, I highly encourage my [limited] readership to head on over to Hello Craft and read, listen and enjoy this fantastic project. And look forward to an exciting event hosted by Hello Craft in 2009!

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