Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm an elf! Lifelong dream realized!

So, I worked retail for approximately 8,000 years (that's 10ish in human years) and spent just about every Black Friday and Christmas Eve covered in register tape, sweat and with the distinct "cha-ching" of a register opening echoing through my brain. My transition into desk work was a blessing. A sweet, sweet blessing from the Baby Jesus. Now I can enjoy Black Friday for the hellish day it truly is and stay home warming my tootsies on Christmas Eve like "normal" people. This coming Black Friday, however, I'm high-tailing it up to Baltimore to my favorite candy shop and hosting a workshop for kids (and adults, if they behave) filled with ho-ho-hos, holiday spirit, and glitter. Please check out the flyer and let your friends know awl 'bout it, hon.

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