Saturday, December 13, 2008

Busy busy busy!

I have a horrible habit of never remembering to take pictures until it's too dark to take advantage of natural light. So all of these shots are kind of blurry, but you'll just have pardon all that.

Here are my three biggest project of late!

The Earring Tree Prototype - my attempt at organizing the earrings I've made so they are available visually but not a mess all over my desk. I'm going to work on streamlining this and I'll probably make a few to sell at Rock 'n' Shop.

The Massive Assortment of Button Barrettes - just a whole bunch of fabulous and funky barrettes to sell at Rock 'n' Shop or Chop Shop. They'll probably be $2 each. So easy, so quick.

The Christmas Tree - self explanatory. Santa has already arrived.

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