Monday, December 1, 2008

Hopelessly devoted.

I've done a fair amount of search-and-click for great prices on promotional materials. I found a great seller for paper products (business cards, merch cards, etc). And I tirelessly searched for a company or person who made and sold reasonably priced buttons. You know the type...the 1" hipster button (as I like to call it) that you find pinned to the hats, bags, shirts and fanny packs of the world's cheapest roving publicity devices...human beings with a penchant for the left-of-center, homemade, next-door neighbor kind of merchandise. Well, folks, I've found them. And like the subject of this post indicates, I'm hopelessly devoted.

Mod Buttons, operated as a side business of Poseur Ink, is a fantastic online business dedicated to the production of 1" buttons! YES! Their prices are FANFREAKINTASTIC and their production team, which consists of a totally sweet Rachel and completely helpful Mike (there may be more, but these folks have been my contacts), are top notch. I've e-mailed them three times over the past four months, and received two shipments of high class buttons. They are attentive every step of the way, including helping me with design assistance, and their casual approach to communication is really fantastic. They work with a multitude of different types of people and groups, from bands to non-profits to folks getting fancy for their bar mitzvahs!

So if you've got a small business, or a music festival, or a crafty organization to promote, I highly recommend Mod Buttons. You won't be disappointed.

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