Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm a mover, a shaker, a felt ornament maker.

So, whoa. Who knew I'd go from lazy, working drone to this magnificent busy lady with a crafty business and a crafty collective and a crafty nook and one of those spot lights that follows me around and highlights my eyes just like leading ladies in some of the smokiest, sexiest movies of all time. I'm talking ridiculously awesome here, people. I'm practically famous.

Ok, j/k. Totally not famous. But busy? Yes. And feeling fulfilled? Oh hells yes. I've managed to put into action a lot of fantastic things this year. This is the stuff that makes you look back at your life and feel content and proud, I say. Here's what I've done this week:
  1. Put together a fantastic Sweet Stocking Workshop for my kid friends at Rock Candy Baltimore. It should go without saying, however, that the person to exclaim, "God, I wish I could just cover everything in my life in glitter" was not a child. The stockings were magical, cute, wacky avant-garde terrifying, and soaked in the stuff of legends...namely, glitter glue. I think the kids had a great time. Here is the fruit of their/our labors. Candy Claus (who Ruby TOTALLY knows, and she can't tell you who it is but SHHHHHHH, she might later) will return to Rock Candy on Saturday December 20th to fill the stockings with candy treats for all the participants. DUDE! SWEET!

  2. Met with a fellow crafter, Michelle, and hit the ground running with our Queer Crafter Collective. This was a group imagined in the sticky heat of Phasefest 2008, where Lara, Michelle and I spent numerous hours on the back patio of Phase selling our wares and fighting over the smallest of small oscillating fans. We decided that DC has way too many crafty queers and that we should have a collective for all of them, where we can get together and host meetings and crafty sit-ins, sell at awesome events like Rock 'n' Shop at the Black Cat, and spread the joy and fun that is the DIY movement. Right now we have five members and we're presently recruiting. Applications due January 1st, 2009! Get 'em in! Tell your friends! And see you at Rock 'n' Shop.

  3. I took all the extra felt from the Sweet Stocking Workshop and sat down for most of Saturday and Sunday creating hand-stitched felt ornaments for friends and loved ones. I used cookie cutters (and a funnel; needed a circle shape) for fun shapes, blanket stitched the edges, stuffed them with poly-fill and added cute ribbon so they can hang from trees, doorknobs, or even the knob on your dishwasher. I realize the picture isn't great, but it rained all day yesterday. Good pictures were hard to take. I also made a special ornament for my Mom and a tooth fairy pillow for my favorite kid of all, Ruby. She's been losing teeth like it's her job these days. She's also been losing them in her backpack. I told her that the tooth fairy doesn't rifle through your personal belongings. Gotta keep these things organized!

  4. I celebrated my first dairy-free Thanksgiving and was thoroughly fulfilled. Em's father was kind enough to cook all the primary food products with Earth Balance buttery sticks instead of butter, so I even got to have stuffing! I made pumpkin pie and apple pie. I devoured the apple pie a'la mode with some awesome Soy Dream French Vanilla. It's been so long since I've had anything remotely close to a pastry, so that pie was a dream come true. My next quest: dairy free cut-out cookies for the holidays!
  5. Oh yeah. If you haven't traveled that way yet, head to Patch Ink for my store closing sale. I'm might reinvent Patch Ink as a supply selling kinda place, but in the meantime I want to clear out that stock and also give you a fantastic deal.
All in all, I'm busy as all get out but I really love every minute of it. I'm even having a great hair day. Unbelieveable. Not even the dribble of ginger ale I just spilled on my shirt can bring me down. Hahaha. I'm ridiculous.

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  1. you are a busy little bunny!
    how cool to be catered for at Thanksgiving. em's dad you are a living legend! oh sweet pastry, i love thee...

    reading your post has fired me up for some Christmas action! woo yeah!


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