Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Depression Cooking

Not sure if you noticed, but the economy is in the crapper. I've been fortunate in that, thus far, things haven't hit me (or us) too hard. There are the standard cut-backs at work: no increases until 2010, no cost of living increases, limited professional development opportunities, etc. But overall, Em and I have been blessed that our jobs and our livelihood aren't in grave danger of being ripped out from under us. That being said, and as my last post can attest, being frugal and saving money where you can is always a good idea...whether you're in the midst of a personal financial crisis or just trying to think about where your life will be more than two weeks out. If I can make two pillows with an estimated total cost of $1, I imagine there are a host of other things that we can all do to cut spending and still feel like we're living a full and rich life.

In comes Clara Cannucciari, a 93 year-old grandma and great-grandma from Chicago who, with her family, faced the Great Depression head on. She's worked with someone to set up a YouTube account, Facebook page (just search her name) and has taken the web by storm. In her quick and entertaining tutorials (I'm particularly fond of the way she says "potaytoh"), Clara shows us how to cook filling meals (I'm not going to say they're healthy, because hot dogs and potatoes aren't necessarily artery-friendly) on a tight budget just like she did with her family during the hard times. I think that her lessons can serve to help us all see how we are spending our food budgets and how we could better extend the life of the food we buy.

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