Friday, February 6, 2009

Love Letter Paper Cranes

In October I hosted a baby shower for a dear lady and friend. That dear lady and friend had the baby on Wednesday and before my first visit with the baby, I had to make sure I finished a project I initiated at the baby shower. Recently, a coworker made a large batch of paper cranes and nested them all around our cubicles. I thought it would be a great idea to use the paper crane, which is a symbol of peace and longevity, as a vehicle through which loved ones could transmit good wishes and love to the new baby. So I had folks write "love notes" on the blank side of some lovely origami paper, and then I brought them home with me to carefully fold into paper cranes.

I put it to the side for a while, but finally took the project out to finish it last night before I visited the new little one. I folded the cranes carefully, tucking the sweet notes inside for the baby to read later on in his life, and then proceeded to turn them into dangling features of a mobile. I'm really really pleased with the final result. It's probably something I'm going to do for my 30th birthday...have origami paper available for people to write me notes of good fortune or love, and then I'll fold them up and hang the mobile in the corner of my crafty nook or bedroom. It's a truly awesome feeling to know that you have tangible evidence of the love of friends and family, so I'm sure that this will be a treasure of the baby and his parents into the future.

The supplies for this project were awesomely inexpensive, too. I bought a spool of clear thread for about $1, used an embroidery needle I had in my sewing box, 14 teeny-tiny seed beads, some hot glue and two simple dowel rods from the craft store. I also purchased a pack of origami paper for about $3-$4, and had a few pens available for the notes. All in all, I estimate that I spent maybe $5 total on this project. But OH the memories! Check out the pictures!

Also, I took some scrap corduroy and cut a big blue heart, attached it to a onesie I had and did a quick blanket stitch around the edge in a contrasting blue. I wish I had some fray check around, but since babies grow at the speed of light, I'm sure that a few washings won't hurt it too much. Soon enough he'll be too big for it!

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