Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nautical Project - Part Deux

I had a fair amount of nautical fabric left, and really no idea what I'd do with the little pieces. I imagined that I could cut some more squares and make another pillow, but I didn't want our small apartment inundated with nautical throw pillows, and I wanted to avoid turning into a one-trick pony. I got a few sewing books around Christmas as gifts and I decided to flip through them and see if there were any patchwork ideas contained within them. I found one in Anna Marie Horner's book Seams to Me.

I decided that some lucky kid would love a For Kicks Patchwork Ball. It seemed easy enough...just cut out the shapes according to the patterns contained within the pattern pouch of this colorful and easy-to-use spiral bound book. So I set out and cut the necessary pentagons and hexagons in the three nautical fabrics. I pulled out my sewing machine and set to work.

The sewing was fast going for this ball; mostly a bunch of straight or "modified L" stitches. I have to admit that I did not cut, nor did I sew, this perfectly but the fabric and layout was forgiving. The directions were easy and intuitive, so I wasn't overwhelmed. I took a few breaks because I haven't perfected my sewing posture, and my lower back was achy.

Once all the pieces were assembled, I began to stuff the ball, but I found that I had used most of my stuffing for the pillows I made for Em. So while my "final product" looks kind of deflated, trust that I will both fully stuff my patchwork ball AND sew it up neatly and hand it over to the closest little (or big...Em's vying for it) kid available.

ETA: A great link to more of Anna Marie Horner's stuff!

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  1. you are a better woman than i, sadly, sewing round thing really scare me. good job!


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